Cascade seismograms – update

I have updated the seismogram pages now and apologise for the long gap in updates!

Mount St Helens is a problem. VALT is just about useless with only 3 days in June and 1 in July, and JUN on St Helens is almost as bad with many large tranches of data missing from each day.

EDM (East Dome) seems to be OK so I shall start collecting that one.

In the meantime here is the July set of seismograms I have manually collected for EDM. Day 186 is an interesting one with 6 in fairly quick succession followed by a couple and then another couple.

VALT and JUN are consigned to the scrap heap as far as I am concerned and I have ceased collecting them as from today.

The other cascades seismogram pages for Glacier Peak, Mt Rainier and Mt Hood have all been updated to the last full day collected which is 09 July.


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