I love the new GVP site look BUT…..

First off credit where credit is due, the new GVP web site looks very nice in my opinion.

Click this image to go to the GVP site in a new window/tab.

In particular I love the update to the SI/USGS weekly reports page which is so much better looking now than the original.

This is a screen shot of the original from 2011


And this is the latest offering


All new web sites have teething problems, and GVP certainly a few at present. The 2012/2013 data is still not updated and there are one or two other problems with data, in particular in relation to the xls file downloads offered but I am sure they are working on it and all will be well in the end.

The search for a volcano by name just brings up a list of all the names now, but does not have the synonyms that it used to have (maybe I missed it). Not convinced that this is an improvement but the region search is quite good in that you pick your region and then get a map with the volcanoes plotted.

The look is great, the technicalities of the data still need some work but overall a great job.


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