Activity Reports

Sites with current report(s)

Here is another site as well that has a graphical display of current activity.
(Note for a few weeks there do not appear to have been any updates. This site may have beem abandoned or be experiencing severe problems.)
Active Volcanoes Of The World

Other reports

Smithsonian / USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report (The basis of the interactive maps above)

Darwin VAAC, Darwin Australia or The Australian Government Bureau of Meterorology (Same thing in a different format)

Find eruption by date
Please note that this page ONLY goes to 2011 as the Smithsonian site is undergoing an upgrade at this time. Normal service will be resumed some time (June I understand).

Large Holocene Eruptions
The list includes known large-volume Holocene explosive eruptions with a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 4 or larger. Note the dating method codes before the dates (explained using a cursor rollover), and pay particular attention to the distinction between corrected (G) and uncorrected (C) radiocarbon dates. Also be aware of the uncertainties of the dates themselves (including those with a “?” indicating an unknown, but potentially large date uncertainty). “P” and “C” VEI codes refer to plinian or caldera-forming eruptions, respectively, of large, but unknown magnitudes. See “Eruption Data Criteria” for further explanation of the VEI and other codes and About “Volcanoes of the World” for acknowledgments and citation guidelines.

Note: Smithsonian links could change at any time due to the upgrade

My own listings are discontinued.


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