Volcanoes: Iceland

The volcano type links take you straight to the Global Volcanism Project page. Other links are to pages in this blog.

Videos/Lists of Icelandic Seismicity start on the Volcanoes: Iceland: Seismicity page

Volcano Name Type (GVP Link) Location
Askja Stratovolcano Iceland-NE
Bárdarbunga Stratovolcano Iceland-NE
Brennisteinsfjöll Crater rows Iceland-SW
Esjufjöll Stratovolcano Iceland-SE
Eyjafjallajökull Stratovolcano Iceland-S
Fremrinamur Stratovolcano Iceland-NE
Grímsnes Crater rows Iceland-SW
Grímsvötn Caldera Iceland-NE
Hekla Stratovolcano Iceland-S
Helgrindur Pyroclastic cones Iceland-W
Hengill Crater rows Iceland-SW
Hofsjökull Subglacial volcano Iceland-SW
Hrómundartindur Stratovolcano Iceland-S
Hveravellir Subglacial volcano Iceland-SW
Katla Subglacial volcano Iceland-S
Kolbeinsey Ridge Submarine volcano Iceland-N of
Krafla Caldera Iceland-NE
Krísuvík Crater rows Iceland-SW
Kverkfjöll Stratovolcano Iceland-NE
Ljósufjöll Fissure vents Iceland-W
Öraefajökull Stratovolcano Iceland-SE
Prestahnukur Subglacial volcano Iceland-SW
Reykjanes Crater rows Iceland-SW
Snaefellsjökull Stratovolcano Iceland-W
Theistareykjarbunga Shield volcano Iceland-NE
Tindfjallajökull Stratovolcano Iceland-S
Tjörnes Fracture Zone Submarine volcano Iceland-N of
Torfajökull Stratovolcano Iceland-S
Tungnafellsjökull Stratovolcano Iceland-NE
Vestmannaeyjar Submarine volcanoes Iceland-S

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