Volcanoes: New Zealand

Volcano Type Location
KAIKOHE-BAY OF ISLANDS Volcanic field North Island
WHANGAREI Cinder cones North Island
AUCKLAND FIELD Volcanic field North Island
MAYOR ISLAND Shield volcano North Island
TARANAKI [EGMONT] Stratovolcano North Island
WHITE ISLAND Stratovolcanoes  
WHALE ISLAND Complex volcano North Island
ROTORUA Caldera North Island
OKATAINA Lava domes North Island
REPOROA Caldera North Island
MAROA Calderas North Island
TAUPO Caldera North Island
Tongariro Volcanic Complex Stratovolcanoes North Island
RUAPEHU Stratovolcano North Island
CLARK Submarine volcano  
TANGAROA Submarine volcano  
RUMBLE V Submarine volcano  
RUMBLE IV Submarine volcano  
RUMBLE III Submarine volcano  
RUMBLE II WEST Submarine volcano  
HEALY Submarine volcano  
BROTHERS Submarine volcano  

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